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violent crimes. reversal of misfortune. a laid off worker now a multimillionaire manning to share the wealth. a restaurant damaged in the fire. when it will be back opened good evening,. it is friday. i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. the police say surveillance video of a robbery in progress shows what the officers are up against as a combat crime in oakland [screaming] >> the police say this armed robbery happened a couple weeks ago near the lake. on the video you can hear the victim pleading for her life. two suspects have been arrested. they are members of a new gang that has committed some of the city's most violent crimes.
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that video was released today as the officials announced other arrests in an agency sweep around the east bay this morning. officers took at least 16 members of a known gang into custody. the chief called it the most violent group he has seen in 25 years of policing. he said members are locked if a deadly feud with another gang. >> the motive was really not your traditional motive. not for money or turf war, it was basically they hated the other gang. >> officers say they seized 55 firearms including four assault weapon. today's sweep was part of the ongoing operation cease-fire. aimed at turning crime and turning young people away from gangs. >> 2, 1. [cheers and applause] >> in san francisco, city leaders celebrated the opening of a new police safety hub on 6th street between market and mission. the facility is not a full
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police station but officers will be on site until 10:30 p.m. 7 days a week. the city is beefing up hours for community ambassadors who are available to escort workers and shoppers along the central market corridor. the u.s. unemployment rate fell to the lowest level in four years last month, adding more fuel to to the weeklong rally on wall street. in all, unemployment fell to 7.7% in february. employers add 236,000 jobs last month. for the first time the jobless rate is lower than when president barack obama took off. one former white house economic advisory who cheered the news said there are still too many people out of work. more than 12 million americans are unemployed. >> and though you saw some significant job additions today you also saw some more people trop out of the labor force. >> until we really see people putting their hat in the ring and looking for jobs because they know they are going to get them we will not feel better
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about this economy. >> coninstruction led the job gains add 48,000 jobs in february. analysts say overall there is a sense that the recovery is gaining steam [bell ringing ] in new york stocks saw their 6th straight day of gains. job figures show the economy can weather federal budget cuts urn the sequester and higher taxes. the dow add 67 points to close at the 4th record in a row. the nasdaq tacked on 12 points. at 9.8% unemployment california is lagging behind the nation but things are looking up. our consumer editor takes the pulse of small business and tells us about an improved online tool for california job seekers. >> reporter: after suspending her lunch business at the recession she started it up again on tuesday. >> i truly feel the economy is dog much, much better. it will continue to grow.
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>> reporter: that feeling and faith created new jobs. >> i had to bring extra people in the kitchen because we don't want them to overwork. you see, quite a few hours. and also in the dining room i had to bring a couple of people in as well. >> reporter: former regular lunch customers are happy. >> when the economy was not as good it was hard. it was hard for many places and many lunch places slowed down. and, they just opened again now. >> reporter: even here in walnut creek business is still recovering. >> the independents are having a hard time. that is going to go on for a little while. >> reporter: here where unemployment is at one00% they say they will believe it when they see it. that means more job offers than people looking for jobs. >> it is hopeful thing. people are re-entering the workforce as far as looking for work. i think they are feeling hopeful as well. >> reporter: hopeful is not happy days are here again. >> this are more jobs out
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there. they may not get filled as fast as people would like them to be filled but we are seeing an increase in the number of job openings. >> reporter: to help, a new and vastly improved web site goes live on monday with many more tools, resume forms and many more actual job listings. tom vac ar, ktvu channel 2 news. on monday minimum wageworkers will see their pay jump by $2 an hour. it goes up march 11th because voters passed measure d last november. some businesses say they already started paying their employees that higher amount. >> a reversal of people down on their luck. they are now the newest millionaires. >> the winners called the state, hitting the lottery
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jackpot right here at this shell station from this man who sold the winning ticket. so, he checked his numbers and realized he won, that someone. >> reporter: this couple from walnut creek can refer to themselves as california state lottery million airs. >> i removed my eye glasses and rubbed my eyes again and again. really, maybe 10 times. >> reporter: all before it struck him. he won $33 million with the super lottery plus jackpot. >> i was by myself at home and i started screaming by myself. [ laughter ] really. very heavy. running around in the house. >> reporter: his wife, a hairstylist could not phantom his luck since he was just laid off his job of 16 years. >> yes. i told her on the telephone. >> reporter: everyone else could not either. >> i just pulled out my ticket and i checked my numbers and it is them, not me. >> today, they bought three
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tickets at the shell station here which sold the winning ticket. >> two megas and a super. >> reporter: this business owner still dreams. >> hey, we are next. [ laughter ] i hope. >> reporter: everyone is talking about the winners including their neighbors. >> wow! great for them. you know, that is wonderful. >> walnut creek never had a jackpot. >> it makes you want to play. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he plans to buy a business to hire his friends and family who need work. his wife plans to work another two years to fulfill a promise to her boss and this shell station received $165,000 as a bonus for that lottery ticket and they get to post more of these signs here. millionaires made here! it is a true statement. reporting live in walnut creek, back to you. hundreds of people lined up at a grocery store today for a chance to meet the 49ers quarterback. >> how are you doing? [ laughter ] >> nice jersey. >> are you a football player?
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>> reporter: fans gathered into the safeway store there in danville this afternoon. he was there to sign autographs. some fans waited in line for several hours. new details now in a homicide earlier this week that took place in an up scale san jose neighborhood. they tell us they arrested 20- year-old galigos. a man's body was found with several stab wounds. now, the police have identified him as 27-year-old eric wright. the police say the two men knew each other and when interviewed they said that he had blood on him. they don't believe this was gang related. san jose police are releasing new details about the city's 8th homicide of the year. 69-year-old jacobson's body was found yesterday inside of his home at the senior apartment. jacobson has not been seen since february 5th. the police say they believe his body was in the apartment the whole time. even when they were inside investigating. >> not many would of found this. it was underneath a lot of
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clutter and, and from the pictures that i saw, it was -- i don't think i would of found it. >> the police arrested 46-year- old regina butler. the last person seen with jacobson, the investigators have evidence that butler was trying to scam him. >> reporter: the man charged with killing a san francisco high school student pled not guilty today. prosecutors say the 28-year-old karen brewer was driving under the influence on saturday night when he hit and killed chang as she crossed the street. the high school junior was celebrating her 17th birthday. brewer is set back in court on september 7th. we have more on what caused this fire and when the restaurant will reopen. >> reporter: as she surveyed the damage to her restaurant, alice waters had a message for long time fans of the restaurant. >> we are not going anywhere.
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[ laughter ] we are not going anywhere where. it is just a question of time. >> reporter: a fire broke out at the restaurant around 3:00 this morning. investigators say it started underneath the building. >> the location where the fire appeared to have originated they have -- this is electrical equipment. >> the damage inside is minimal. smoke and broken windows. waters hopes to have the upstairs cafe open in a little more than a week. the dining room downstairs will take a month to rebuild. >> we will change the interior, we will make the repairs that we have wanted to make for a long time. >> reporter: for locals and long time fans, a reopen change not come soon enough. >> it is more than a restaurant. it is a food movement. >> reporter: waters is considered one of the leaders of the organic and locally owned food movement. she helps schools across the country grow their own gardens and credited with urging first
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lady michelle obama to plant a garden at the white house. >> she is moved. >> it certainly touches me deeply. and i -- i care about this neighborhood. >> reporter: this was another fire at the restaurant back in 1982. after that they installed a sprinkler system. that system kicked in during the fire last night and saved the building from total destruction. in berkeley, ktvu channel 2 news. we really got worried because he never does this. >> a father of four disappears. and his taco truck is abandoned. the surprising item left behind in his truck. and asking for your money to buy condoms for students. the bay area school district planned to combat a growing std program. the rain clouds moved out of the bay area and the weather pat serpb changing. the warmest day of the weekend and -- pattern is changing and when the warmest day of the weekend is wet in the forecast
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at the state department, first lady, michelle obama and john kerry marked international women's day. they presented courage awards to 9 woman from around the world. they were singled out for their work for women's rights and empowerment, often at personal risk. the state department pulled an award for an egyptian woman after she made antiamerican tweets itch the defense secretary made an unannounced trip to afghanistan today. he arrive inside kobal on friday night, afghan time. he planned to meet with troops there to thank them for their service and talk with afghan president to talk about the plans to withdrawal troops from afghanistan by the end of next year. the date has been set for roman catholic cardinals to begin the work of selecting the
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next pope. they will open the conclave on tuesday. it will begin with a mass. the first vote will be held that afternoon. if at least 77 of the 115e hectors do not agree on a can date they will return on wednesday for the next rounds of balloting. white smoke will be seen rising when a new pope has been chosen. leaders of a school program to offer free protections to teens having sex are asking for help tonight. a report from daly city where some worry the free condom program creating more problems than solutions. many students here at west moore high will soon be able to get free condoms. the same is true at four other schools at jefferson union high school district. it is called the condom availability program and could be up and running next month. >> there are aids out this as well. if this can protect the student's life from disease or, you know, deaths, we will
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recognize it. >> the district consists of 4,000 students and five schools in daly city and pacifica. shr-bg programs exist in san francisco and contra costa county. some say they will have more. >> i will not catch diseases. >> reporter: others do not like the idea at all. >> people are going to have more sex. when you are young you are not supposed to have sex. >> reporter: the schools say they will not be handing out condoms, students must take a health education class and speak with a counselor at the school. a health khreupbic has seen an up click in chlamydia. >> it is a nightmare, you know, you are giving them condoms and then it is just telling people it is okay to do that. >> some might say it is promoting teenage sex, right? >> no, not at all. the board does not see it this
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way at all. it is protection. it is to help the students. >> the district officials are adamant that no school money will go towards buying condoms. back to you. a family of a 24-year-old woman, killed by a lion earlier this week, said it was a tragic accident. she was cleaning a lion's enclosure when the 5-year-old male lion got out of the cage. the coroner said she was killed instantly when the lion swiped at her. her family says they don't believe the lion was mauling her but just playing rough. the state senator this morning met with the press to talk about a new measure he is backing to prevent gun shows at that state-owned venue. he explained how the new law would work. >> so, what this bill does is requires that before the state can contract with any gun show at the palas, that the board is supervisors for the county and
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board of supervisors of the county of san francisco has v to pass a res thraougz in support of having a gun show here. >> -- resolution in support of having a gun show here. >> it will be high he unlikely. those who support gun shows say it will force buyers on to the black market. the jury in santa clara convicted an engineer of three counts of first-degree murder. the attorney for skwreupbg wa woo says he was insane at the time he killed three extives in november 14th, 2008. he was angry because he had been fired. the same jury must decide if he was criminally insane when he committed the murders. happening now, people in richmond are remembering a young man shot to death monday afternoon in the heart of the city's iron triangle. he was gunned down a couple of blocks from the play lot park where he volunteered every day. the vigil in march began half an hour ago. tomorrow, the community will hold a fund-raising car wash to
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help the family with funeral expenses. san jose city leaders cleared out a homeless camp that sprung up at a field near the airport. 120 people have been living in the city-owned lot for a couple of months now. the land can not be developed because it is close to the airport. the city says the growing tent city posed health and safety issues. many residents say they don't know where they will go next. >> i have no idea. i will bring my stuff into the road and i don't know from there. i don't know. >> as of right now, you know, i am hoping a night or two at a mottle if everything works out all right. maybe if not, maybe in the car. >> the officials say this is not enough permanent housing for the city homeless. they are offering outreach to find shelter for as many as they can. the cost of this checkup is $20,000-$30,000. the family of a man is asking the publish for help.
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he was reported missing earlier this week. her husband dropped her off at their pick up truck at a napa business park after the lunch route. the same spot where the detectives found the food truck the next day. his keys, cell phone and mony were all found in the truck. investigators say he was seen checking into a mottle in fairfield monday night. >> motel in fairfield monday night. >> we are wored. he does not do. his family needs him, terribly. >> the sheriff officials say at this point they are classifying it as voluntarily missing. the size of a city block. scientists are tracking an asteroid passing near earth tomorrow. we will tell you how close it will get. out with the rain and in with the warm weather. meteorologist mark tamayo is next with the warmest day of the weekend and when we can expect 70 degrees to return to the forecast.
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morning. phaorbg tamayo joins us now with the forecast. >> yes, talking about more 70s. for one part of the weekend and beyond. tonight, cool temperatures, partly cloudy skies, fog in the coast and gusty winds, the winds really picked up today this afternoon didn't they? you can see on the satellite and the radar. live storm tracker 2. rain showers, these are over the south bay yesterday at this time. they are drifting towards southern california. we have fog, basically near the county coastline, closer to the point. and as far as the winds we are talking about the winds, first, a closer inspection of the radar. and we deploy the wind sensors they are out, there sustained out of the west at sfo. 26 miles an hour. 18 miles an hour in half-moon bay. oakland, 22 miles an hour. the temperatures beginning to drop off as well. showing you 40s as well in santa rosa. 53. napa at 49. sanfrancisco, 49 degrees. get ready to bundle up first thing on saturday morning. the forecast headlines for
7:25 pm
tonight will go with this, partly cloudy skies, gusty winds, coastal fog. this weekend, rain clouds are out of here. the temperatures warm up nicely. the warning continues into next week. we should be talking about more 70s by tuesday and wednesday. overnight lows the coolest locations will will be in the lower to middle 30s. napa, san francisco, 44, and san jose, starting out the day, 44 degrees t. this area of low pressure, southern california. this is the rain producer yesterday. choser to monterey bay. as the system moves out to the south and to the east we have a dry weather pattern as high pressure rebuilds, a warming trend this weekend. sunday the warmest day and another dry week ahead. another 5-6 days for dry weather at least. here is the forecast model. this particular forecast model thickens up the cloud cover first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00. cheering out in the afternoon. wind speeds pick up, once again, they will be on the order of 15 to 20 miles an
7:26 pm
hour. the temperatures, warmer than today. the warmest locations, right around the seven degree mark around san jose. 66. half-moon bay, 60 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. the weekend almost here. sunday, warming up nicely. look at what happened tuesday and wednesday. the temperatures approaching, the middle 70s. >> mark, thank you. another large asteroid is set to pass near earth tomorrow. scientists say this is nothing to worry about. the space rock is about the size of a half city block. will not get closer than 600 miles. to put it in perspective the moon is less than half of the distance away. we will see you the next time the news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight, we will have more on the vigil that is happening right now in richmond for a young man. keep in mind we are always here for you at and tmz is up next right here on tv36 ha
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